Charmaigne Menn customizes the perfect design and sews with excellence and expertise of 40 years of design and couture branding of her own line that is exceptional for any event or gala.

Charmaigne became an astounding dynamic fashion designer at a very young age in the city of Durban South Africa, where she was raised in a family of 6 siblings. Her mother and sisters were all artists who also learned art and design from a very young age. She decided to embark on her own, using the same sewing and design principles that her mother and grandmother had instilled in her as a young woman. She opened many factories and businesses in her home town and began to grow internationally by means of high clientele who saw her passion as a demand for their own custom styles. She fulfilled the desires of many well known celebrities and higher end customers with quality garments and suits from all over the world. She is now based in Southern California and specializes in Haute Couture and Bridal Couture at Bohimi, her own company. There is no idea or sense of fashion than Charmaigne cannot create into a reality.

She has a keen taste in high quality clothing and specialized garments. She is also able to create a vision that suits your unique body type and event with ease as she is a phenomenal designer with the desire to create top trends and styles with ease. Her passion in her work is exclusive to her client and is a service like no other. Her clients are pleased to work with her and very much desire her advice in many styling choices for special events and also leisure and cocktail.

The time she has in the fashion industry does not succeed the time she has lived for she has a deep sense of being a designer all her life from the young age of 8 years old, she has been creating top fashion styles and designs that are absolutely the highest passion within her to this day